Completed Series / Authors

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It occurred to me that there is a third “series reading” master post I should keep, in addition to the First in Series and Ongoing Series projects that I created, as inspired by Moonlight Reader; namely, one to collect all my completed reading. So this project collects everything from books / series recently finished to those that I read a long time ago in a galaxy much further away than I care to think about: in the latter case, if fiction, I can’t guarantee that I remember much about the plot or the characters (which just might mean that it’s time for a reread, but that’s a different matter); if nonfiction, whatever I remember of their contents has long merged into the general muddle of information about our world, past and present, that has passed through my brain over the years, mostly without taking permanent residence and definitely without me still being able to pinpoint any specific source. But so help me, I did read all of these — some only once, some have become favorite comfort reads.

I’ll only be collecting completed series or other similarly definable groups of books here (e.g., “all novels / short stories by …”); beginning with actually completed books and concluding with a section listing the series I have abandoned.  This is not intended as a master post listing all of my completed reading.



Dermot Bolger
Finbar’s Hotel (ed.)

G.K. Chesterton
Father Brown

Agatha Christie
– all mystery novels and short stories:

  • Miss Marple
  • Poirot
  • Tommy & Tuppence
  • Superintendent Battle (incl. Bundle Brent)
  • Colonel Race
  • Parker Pyne
  • Qin & Satterthwaite
  • – Nonseries mysteries

Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes

Michael Connelly
Terry McCaleb

The Detection Club
The Floating Admiral

Colin Dexter
Inspector Morse

J. Jefferson Farjeon
Inspector Kendall

Caroline Graham
Midsomer Murders

George Heyer
– All mysteries:

  • Inspector Hannasyde
  • Inspector Hemingway
    – Nonseries

Tony Hillerman
Leaphorn & Chee

P.D. James
Adam Dalgliesh
Cordelia Gray

Stephen King
The Green Mile

Stieg Larsson
Millennium (original series)

Dennis Lehane
Kenzie & Gennaro

Henning Mankell

Ngaio Marsh
Roderick Alleyn

Denise Mina
Garnethill Trilogy

George Pelecanos
Derek Strange & Terry Quinn

Catherine Louisa Pirkis
Loveday Brooke

Edgar Allan Poe
Dupin Tales

Ian Rankin
Jack Harvey Thrillers

Dorothy L. Sayers
Lord Peter Wimsey (incl. Wimsey & Vane subseries)

Josephine Tey
– All mysteries:

  • Inspector Grant series
  • – Nonseries mysteries (Brat Farrar & Miss Pym Disposes)


Robert van Gulik
Judge Dee

Anthony Horowitz
Sherlock Holmes sequels

John Jakes
North and South Trilogy

Patrick O’Brian
Aubrey & Maturin

Ellis Peters
Brother Cadfael

David Pirie
The Dark Beginnings of Sherlock Holmes

Jean Plaidy
Mary Stuart

Tony Riches
Tudor Trilogy


Hans Christian Andersen
– Complete Fairy Tales

Brothers Grimm
– Complete Fairy Tales

Wilhelm Hauff
– Complete Fairy Tales

C.S. Lewis
Chronicles of Narnia

Tamora Pierce
Song of the Lioness

J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter (minus The Cursed Child, which contrary to the sales hype wasn’t actually written by Rowling)

J.R.R. Tolkien
– Middle Earth: The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings

T.H. White
The Once and Future King

Tad Williams
Memory, Sorrow & Thorn


Oresteia (Agamemnon / The Libarion Bearers / The Eumenides)

Louisa May Alcott
Little Women (incl. Good Wives, Little Men & Jo’s Boys)

Margaret Atwood
Gilead (The Handmaid’s Tale & The Testaments)

Jane Austen
– Novels and fragments (minus juvenalia, except for The History of England)

Gabriel Chevalier
Clochemerle (Clochemerle & Clochemerle Babylon)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust (Parts I & II and Urfaust)

Lewis Grassic Gibbon
A Scots Quair

Robert Graves
I, Claudius
– Books on Greek mythology (The Greek Myths; Greek Gods and Heroes)

Selma Lagerlöf

D.H. Lawrence
Brangwen Family (The Rainbow & Women in Love)

Naguib Mahfouz
Cairo Trilogy
– Novels & stories of Ancient Egypt (Khufu’s Wisdom, Rhadopis of Nubia, Thebes at War, Akhenaten, Voices from the Other World)

Thomas Mann
– All novels and short stories

Edna O’Brien
Country Girls Trilogy

William Shakespeare
– All plays, sonnets and short poems

Theban Plays (Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonnus, Antigone)

Wallace Stegner
– Joe Allston (All the Little Live Things & The Spectator Bird)

Anthony Trollope
The Pallisers


Will & Ariel Durant
The Story of Civilization

Fischer Weltgeschichte
(various authors; elsewhere known as Universal History and Storia Unversale)

Antonia Fraser
A Royal History of England (ed.)

Hugo Hamilton
Childhood Memoirs

Hans J. Massaquoi
Destine to Witness

Hans Silvester
Cats in the Sun



Renée Ahdieh: The Wrath and the Dawn (after book 1, The Wrath and the Dawn)
Alan Bradley: Flavia de Luce (after book 1, The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie)
Dan Brown: Robert Langdon (after book 2, The Da Vinci Code; no other books from series read)
Miles Burton: Desmond Merrion (after book 1, The Secret of High Eldersham)
Trudi Canavan: Black Magician Trilogy (after book 1, The Magicians’ Guild)
Zen Cho: Sorcerer to the Crown (after book 1, Sorcerer to the Crown)
Jennifer Estep: Crown of Shards (after book 1, Kill the Queen)
Helen Fielding: Bridget Jones’s Diary (after book 1, Bridget Jones’s Diary)
James Forrester: Clarenceux Trilogy (after book 1, Sacred Treason)
Elizabeth George: Inspector Lynley (after book 16, This Body of Death)
Lee Goldberg: Even Ronin (after book 1, Lost Hills)
Kerry Greenwood: Phryne Fischer (after book 1, Cocaine Blues, aka Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates)
Philippa Gregory: Tudor Court (after book 3, The Other Boleyn Girl; no other books from series read)
L.B. Hathaway: Posie Parker (DNF book 6.5, A Christmas Case; no other books from series read)
Martha Grimes: Richard Jury (after book 21, Dust)
Dorothy B. Hughes: Griselda Satterlee (after book 1, The So Blue Marble)
E.L. James: Fifty Shades (after book 1, Fifty Shades of Grey)
Carole Lawrence: Ian Hamilton (after book 1, Edinburgh Twilight)
Edward Marston: Christopher Redmayne (after book 1, The King’s Evil)
Francine Matthews: Caroline Carmichael (after book 1, The Cutout)
Pat McIntosh: Gil Cunningham (after book 1, The Harper’s Quine)
Stephenie Meyer: Twilight (after book 1, Twilight)
S.J. Parris: Giordano Bruno (after book 1, Heresy)
Louise Penny: Armand Gamache (after book 1, Still Life)
Elizabeth Peters: Amelia Peabody (after book 1, Crocodile on the Sandbank)
Valerie Plame Wilson & Sarah Lovett: Vanessa Pierson (after book 1, Blowback)
Patrick Senécal: Le vide (after book 1, Vivre au Max)
Aimee & David Thurlo: Lee Nez (after book 1, Second Sunrise)
Helene Tursten: Inspector Irene Huss (after book 2, Night Rounds)


Anne Rice

  • Maifair Witches through book 2 (Lasher)
  • Vampire Chronicles through book 6 (The Vampire Armand)
  • – Stand-alones: Cry to Heaven, Violin, Vittorio the Vampire


Ongoing Series

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Following up on my First in Series post and, again inspired by Moonlight Reader, this reading list collects all of my ongoing series; i.e. all series that I have started and neither fully completed nor decided to discontinue.  Like my First in Series list, this is primarily for my own reference, so in order not to have too many sub-series sections I’m combining golden age and noir mysteries into classic crime fiction, ditto both major branches of speculative fiction (sci-fi and fantasy), and my major areas of nonfiction interest (history and biographies / memoirs).

Wherever I didn’t start reading a given series in order, I’m listing book 1 (not crossed out) in addition to the (crossed out) completed books to mark this fact.  By the same token, since I didn’t start all of the series with book 1, it makes more sense to me to actually record the books I’v already read rather than the one following next after my respective last read. — Once I have read all books belonging to a series, it is moved to my completed series / authors list.


Margery Allingham: Albert Campion
– read all books through No. 15 (The Beckoning Lady), plus assorted short stories

Eric Ambler: Charles Latimer
1. The Mask of Dimitrios

George Bellairs: Inspector Littlejohn
1. Littlejohn on Leave
3. Death of a Busybody

E.C. Bentley: Philip Trent
1. Trent’s Last Case

Anthony Berkeley: Roger Sheringham
1. The Layton Court Mystery
2. The Wychford Poisoning Case
4. The Silk Stocking Murders
5. The Poisoned Chocolates Case

Anthony Berkeley: Ambrose Chitterwick
1. The Piccadilly Murder
2. Trial and Error

Nicholas Blake: Nigel Strangeways
1. A Question of Proof
2. Thou Shell of Death
4. The Beast Must Die
7. The Case of the Abominable Snowman

Ernest Bramah: Max Carrados
1. The Tales of Max Carrados

Christianna Brand: Inspector Cockrill
1. Heads You Lose
2. Green for Danger
3. Suddenly at His Residence
4. Death of Jezebel
5. Fog of Doubt
6. Tour de Force

Christianna Brand: Inspector Charlesworth
1. Death in High Heels
4. Death of Jezebel
5. Fog of Doubt

Phyllis Bottome: Mark Chalmers
1. The Lifeline

Fredric Brown: Ed and Am Hunter
1. The Fabulous Clipjoint
2. The Dead Ringer

John Buchan: Richard Hannay
1. The 39 Steps

John Bude: Superintendent William Meredith
1. The Lake District Murder

Christopher Bush: Ludovic Travers
1. The Plumley Inheritance
2. The Perfect Murder Case
5. Dancing Death

John Dickson Carr: Dr. Gideon Fell
1. Hag’s Nook
5. Death-Watch
6. The Hollow Man
9. To Wake the Dead
15. Till Death Do Us Part

Raymond Chandler: Philip Marlowe
1. The Big Sleep
2. Farewell, My Lovely
3. The High Window
6. The Long Goodbye

Edmund Crispin: Gervase Fen
1. The Case of the Gilded Fly
3. The Moving Toyshop
10. The Glimpses of the Moon

Freeman Wills Crofts: Inspector French
1. Inspector French’s Greatest Case
7. Mystery in the Channel
10. The Hog’s Back Mystery

Moray Dalton: Inspector Collier
1. One By One They Disappeared
2. The Night Of Fear 

Moray Dalton: Hermann Glide
1. The Body In The Road
2. The Night Of Fear 

Clemence Dane & Helen Simpson: Sir John Saumarez
1. Enter Sir John

Francis Duncan: Mordecai Tremaine
1. They’ll Never Find Out
2. Murder for Christmas

Brian Flynn: Anthony Bathurst
1. The Billiard-Room Mystery
4. The Murders Near Mapleton

R. Austin Freeman: Dr. Thorndyke
1. The Red Thumb Mark
3. The Eye of Osiris

Michael Gilbert: Henry Bohun
1. Smallbone Deceased

Michael Gilbert: Inspector Hazelrigg
1. Close Quarters
4. Smallbone Deceased

Anna Katharine Green: Violet Strange
1. The Golden Slipper

Dashiell Hammett: The Continental Op
1. Red Harvest
2. The Dain Curse

Cyril Hare: Francis Pettigrew
1. Tragedy at Law

Cyril Hare: Inspector Mallett
1. Tenant for Death
3. Suicide Excepted
4. Tragedy at Law

Patricia Highsmith: Tom Ripley
1. The Talented Mr. Ripley
2. Ripley Under Ground

E.W. Hornung: Raffles
1. Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman

Mary Kelly: Inspector Brett Nightingale
1. A Cold Coming
3. The Christmas Egg

C.H.B. Kitchin: Malcolm Warren
1. Death of My Aunt
2. Crime at Christmas

Ronald Knox: Miles Bredon
1. The Three Taps
3. The Body in the Silo

Gaston Leroux: Joseph Rouletabille
1. Le mystère de la chambre jaune

E.C.R. Lorac: Robert MacDonald
1. The Murder on the Burrows
13. Bats in the Belfry
26. Murder by Matchlight

Gladys Mitchell: Mrs. Bradley
1. Speedy Death
2. The Mystery of a Butcher’s Shop
4. The Saltmarsh Murders
5. Death at the Opera
7. Death Comes at Christmas (aka Dead Men’s Morris)
23. Murder in the Snow (aka The Groaning Spinney)

Q. Patrick: Crime Files
1. File on Fenton and Farr

Ellery Queen: Ellery Queen, Detective
1. The Roman Hat Mystery
5. The Egyptian Cross Mystery
8. The Chinese Orange Mystery
16. Calamity Town
 Abandoned thereafter.

Clayton Rawson: The Great Merlini
1. Death From a Top Hat

Mary Roberts Rinehart: Nurse Hilda Adams
1. Miss Pinkerton
2. Locked Doors

Georges Simenon: Maigret
1. Pietr le Letton
6. Le chien jaune
11. La Guinguette à deux sous
30. La première enquête de Maigret
38. Maigret et la Grande Perche
44. Maigret à l’école
52. Les Scrupules de Maigret
68 Maigret hésite

Rex Stout: Nero Wolfe
1. Fer-De-Lance
5. Too Many Cooks
7. Over My Dead Body
11. The Silent Speaker
13. And Be a Villain
14. Trouble in Triplicate
16. Three Doors to Death
20. Triple Jeopardy
21. Prisoner’s Base
22. The Golden Spiders
26. Three Witnesses
28. Three for the Chair
30. And Four to Go
31. Champagne for Death
33. Three at Wolfe’s Door
34. Too Many Clients
36. Homicide Trinity
38. The Mother Hunt
39. Trio for Blunt Instruments
41. The Doorbell Rang
42. Death of a Doxy

Josephine Tey: Inspector Alan Grant
– Completed.

Molly Thynne: Dr. Constantine
1. The Crime at the ‘Noah’s Ark’

J.V. Turner: Amos Petrie
1. Death Must Have Laughed
7. Below the Clock

S.S. Van Dine: Philo Vance
1. The Benson Murder Case
6. The Kennel Murder Case

Henry Wade: Inspector Poole
1. The Missing Partners
9. Lonely Magdalen

Patricia Wentworth: Miss Silver
– see list of read books HERE.

Anthony Wynne: Dr. Eustace Hailey
1. The Sign of Evil
12. Murder of a Lady


Nevada Barr: Anna Pigeon
1. Track of the Cat

Stephen Booth: Cooper & Fry
1. Black Dog

Simon Brett: Charles Paris
1. Cast, in Order of Disappearance
4. An Amateur Corpse

Ken Bruen: Jack Taylor
1. The Guards

Andrea Camilleri: Inspector Montalbano
1. The Shape of Water

Tom Clancy: Jack Ryan
1. Patriot Games
3. The Hunt for Red October
5. Clear and Present Danger

Ann Cleeves: Shetland
1. Raven Black
2. White Nights

Michael Connelly: Harry Bosch
– read all books through No. 24 (The Night Fire)

Michael Connelly: Renée Ballard
1. The Late Show
2. Dark Sacred Night
3. The Night Fire

Michael Connelly: Mickey Haller
– read all books through No. 6 (The Goods of Guilt)

Michael Connelly: Jack McEvoy
1. Jack McEvoy
2. The Scarecrow

Robin Cook: Dr. Marissa Blumenthal
1. Outbreak

Patricia Cornwell: Kay Scarpetta
1. Postmortem
9. Point of Origin

John Connolly: Charlie Parker
1. Every Dead Thing

Deborah Crombie: Duncan Kincaid & Gemma Jones
1. A Share in Death
5. Dreaming of the Bones

Len Deighton: Bernard Samson
1. Berlin Game

James D. Doss: Charlie Moon
1. The Shaman Sings
3. The Shaman’s Bones
5. The Night Visitor
6. Grandmother Spider
7. White Shell Woman

Åke Edwardson: Erik Winter
1. Death Angels
3. Frozen Tracks

Joy Ellis: D.I. Rowan Jackman / D.S. Marie Evans
– read all books through No. 7 (They Disappeared)

Joy Ellis: Matt Ballard
1. Beware the Past
2. Five Bloody Hearts

Chris Ewan: Good Thief’s Guides
1. The Good Thief’s Guide to Amsterdam
2. The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris

Ian Fleming: James Bond
1. Casino Royale
6. Dr. No
7. Goldfinger
13. The Man With the Golden Gun
15.1 Quantum of Solace

Karin Fossum: Inspector Sejer
1. Eva’s Eye
3. He Who Fears the Wolf

Tana French: Dublin Murder Squad
1. In the Woods
3. Faithful Place

Alan Furst: Night Soldiers
1. Night Soldiers

Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling): Cormoran Strike
– read all books through No. 4 (Lethal White)

Elizabeth George: Inspector Lynley
– read all books through No. 16 (This Body of Death), except books 12 (A Place of Hiding) and 14 (What Came Before He Shot Her).  Abandoned thereafter.

Bartholomew Gill: Peter McGarr
1. The Death of an Irish Politician (aka Mc Garr And The Politician’s Wife)
15. The Death of an Irish Sinner

Peter Grainger: D.S. Smith
1. An Accidental Death

Martha Grimes: Richard Jury
– read all books through No. 21 (Dust).  Abandoned thereafter.

Martha Grimes: Emma Graham
1. Hotel Paradise

John Grisham: Jake Brigance
1. A Time to Kill

Mary Higgins Clark: Alvirah and Willy
1. Weep No More, My Lady
3. All Through the Night

Arnaldur Indriðason: Reykjavik Murder Mysteries
1. Sons of Dust
5. Voices

Michael Innes: Sir John Appleby
1. Death at the President’s Lodging
6. There Came Both Mist and Snow

J.A. Jance: Joanna Brady
1. Desert Heat

John Le Carré: George Smiley
1. Call for the Dead
2. A Murder of Quality
3. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
4. The Looking Glass War
5. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
7. Smiley’s People

Donna Leon: Commissario Guido Brunetti
1. Death at La Fenice

Elmore Leonard: Chili Palmer
1. Get Shorty

Peter Lovesey: Peter Diamond
1. The Last Detective

Henning Mankell: Wallander
– read all books through No. 8 (Firewall)

Henning Mankell: Linda Wallander
1. Before the Frost

Peter May: Lewis Trilogy
1. The Blackhouse
2. The Lewis Man
3.5 Coffin Road

Sharyn McCrumb: Ballad Novels
1. If Ever I Return, Pretty Peggy-O
3. She Walks These Hills
5. The Ballad of Frankie Silver
9. The Ballad of Tom Dooley
12. The Unquiet Grave

Val McDermid: Karen Pirie
– read all books through No. 5 (Broken Ground)

Val McDermid: Carol Jordan / Tony Hill
1. The Mermaids Singing
2. The Wire in the Blood
5. Beneath the Bleeding
9. Splinter the Silence

Val McDermid: Kate Brannigan
1. Dead Beat

John Mortimer: Rumpole
– read all books except for No. 14 (Rumpole and the Reign of Terror)

Patricia Moyes: Inspector Henry Tibbett
1. Dead Men Don’t Ski
2. The Sunken Sailor

Barbara Neely: Blanche White
1. Blanche on the Lam

Jo Nesbø: Harry Hole
1. The Bat
7. The Snowman

Gil North: Sergeant Cluff
1. Sergeant Cluff Stands Firm

Sara Paretsky: V.I. Warshawski
1. Indemnity Only
4. Bitter Medicine
7. Guardian Angel
8. Tunnel Vision
10. Total Recall

Robert B. Parker: Spenser
1. The Godwulf Manuscript
21. Walking Shadow
22. Thin Air
24 Small Vices
27. Hugger Mugger
42. Silent Night

Iain Pears: Jonathan Argyll
1. The Raphael Affair
5. Giotto’s Hand

George Pelecanos: Derek Strange / Terry Quinn
– read all books through No. 4 (Hard Revolution)

George Pelecanos: D.C. Quartet
1. The Big Blowdown
4. Shame the Devil

Akif Pirinçci: Felidae
1. Felidae

Ian Rankin: Inspector Rebus
– read all books through No. 23 (A Song for the Dark Times)

Ian Rankin: Malcolm Fox
1. The Complaints
2. The Impossible Dead

Dolores Redondo: Trilogía del Baztán
1. El guardián invisible

Kathy Reichs: Temperance Brennan
1. Déjà Dead
5. Grave Secrets

Ruth Rendell: Inspector Wexford
1. From Doon With Death
10. A Sleeping Life
15. Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter
16. Simisola
19. The Babes in the Wood
21. Not in the Flesh
22. The Monster in the Box
24. No Man’s Nightingale

Stella Rimington: Liz Carlyle
– read all books through No. 3 (Illegal Action)

Peter Robinson: Inspector Alan Banks
1. Gallows View
10. In a Dry Season
11. Cold Is the Grave
14. Playing With Fire
17. Friend of the Devil

Lisa Scottoline: Rosato & Associates
1. Think Twice
5. Moment of Truth

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir: The Children’s House
1. The Legacy

Richard Stark: Parker
1. The Hunter

Peter Temple: Jack Irish
1. Bad Debts

Trevanian: Jonathan Hemlock
1. The Eiger Sanction

Trevanian & Don Winslow: Shibumi / Satori
1. Trevanian: Shibumi

Scott Turow: Kindle County
1. Presumed Innocent

Helene Tursten: Inspector Irene Huss
1. Detective Inspector Huss
2. Night Rounds

Series currently in abeyance.

Donald E. Westlake: John Dortmunder
1. The Hot Rock

Ulrich Wickert: Jacques Ricou
1. Der Richter aus Paris

R.D. Wingfield: D.I. Jack Frost
1. Frost at Christmas
6. A Killing Frost


David Ashton: McLevy (BBC Radio Drama)
1. Series 1 & 2

James Clavell: Asia Saga
1. Shōgun
5. Noble House

Barbara Cleverly: Joe Sandilands
1. The Last Kashmiri Rose
2. Ragtime in Simla

Max Allan Collins: Road to Perdition
1. Road to Perdition

Paul Doherty: The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan
1. The Nightingale Gallery
11. Bloodstone

David Downing: John Russell
1. Zoo Station

Alexandre Dumas: The Last Valois
1. La Reine Margot

Dorothy Dunnett: Lymond Chronicles
1. The Game of Kings

James Ellroy: L.A. Quartet
1. The Black Dahlia
3. L.A. Confidential

J.G. Farrell: Empire Trilogy
1. Troubles

Ken Follett: Kingsbridge
1. The Pillars of the Earth
2. World Without End

Robert Harris: Cicero
1. Imperium

Antonia Hodgson: Tom Hawkins
1. The Devil in the Marshalsea

M.M. Kaye: Death in …
1. Death in Kashmir

Dennis Lehane: Coughlin
1. The Given Day

David Liss: Benjamin Weaver
1. A Conspiracy of Paper

Sharon Maas: Winnie Cox
0.5. The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q.
1. The Secret Life of Winnie Cox

Hilary Mantel: Thomas Cromwell
1. Wolf Hall
2. Bring Up the Bodies

Shirley McKay: Hew Cullen
1. Hue & Cry

The Medieval Murderers
– read all books through No. 6 (The Sacred Stone) plus books 8 (The First Murder) and 10 (The Deadliest Sin)

          * * * * *

Series Associated with The Medieval Murderers:
Simon Beaufort: Geoffrey Mappestone
1. Murder in the Holy City

Susanna Gregory: Matthew Bartholomew
1. A Plague on Both Your Houses
2. An Unholy Alliance
9. A Killer in Winter

Susanna Gregory: Thomas Chaloner
1. A Conspiracy of Violence

Philip Gooden: Nick Revill
1. Sleep of Death

Bernard Knight: Crowner John
1. Crowner’s Crusade

Michael Jecks: Knights Templar
1. The Last Templar
6. The Leper’s Return
12. The Sticklepath Strangler
14. The Mad Monk of Gidleigh
17. The Tolls of Death
22. The Malice of Unnatural Death

Ian Morson: William Falconer
1. Falconer’s Crusade
6. Falconer and the Ritual of Death

          * * * * *

Walter Mosley: Easy Rawlins
– read all books through No. 3 (White Butterfly)

Emmuska Orczy: The Scarlet Pimpernel
1. The Scarlet Pimpernel
2. I Will Repay
3. The Elusive Pimpernel
4. El Dorado
6. The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel
11. Mam’zelle Guillotine

Robin Paige: Victorian Mysteries
1. Death at Bishop’s Keep
7. Death at Epsom Downs

Jean-François Parot: Nicolas Le Floch
1. L’énigme des Blancs-Manteaux

Sharon Kay Penman: Plantagenets
1. When Christ and His Saints Slept

Sharon Kay Penman: Justin de Quincy
1. The Queen’s Man

Anne Perry: Charlotte and Thomas Pitt
1. The Cater Street Hangman
21. The Whitechapel Conspiracy

Anne Perry: William Monk
1. The Face of a Stranger
2. A Dangerous Mourning
3. Defend and Betray

Anne Perry: Christmas Novellas
– read all books through No. 11 (A Christmas Hope)

Elizabeth Peters: Amelia Peabody
1. Crocodile on the Sandbank

Jean Plaidy: Plantagenet Saga
1. The Plantagenet Prelude
7. Hammer of the Scots

Jean Plaidy: Tudor Saga
1.To Hold the Crown
5. Murder Most Royal

Candace Robb: Owen Archer
1. The Apothecary Rose
5. The Riddle of St. Leonard’s
6. A Gift of Sanctuary

Priscilla Royal: Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal
1. Wine of Violence

Jed Rubenfeld: Sigmund Freud
1. The Interpretation of Murder

C.J. Sansom: Matthew Shardlake
– read all books through No. 7 (Tombland)

Neal Stephenson: Baroque Cycle
1. Quicksilver

Jane Thynne: Clara Vine
1. Black Roses

Rose Tremain: Merivel
1. Restoration

Various Authors: Canongate Myths
1. Karen Armstrong: A Short History of Myth
2. Margaret Atwood: The Penelopiad

Kate Westbrook: The Moneypenny Diaries
1. Guardian Angel

Samantha Wilcoxson: Plantagenet Embers
– read all books through No. 3 (Queen of Martyrs)


Donna Andrews: Meg Langslow
1. Murder with Peacocks
10. Six Geese A-Slaying
16. Duck the Halls
18. The Nightingale Before Christmas
19. Lord of the Wings
24: Lark! The Herald Angels Sing
26. Owl Be Home for Christmas
28. The Gift of the Magpie

Lesley Cookman: Libby Sarjeant
1. Murder in Steeple Martin
3. Murder in Midwinter
14. Murder out of Tune

Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swensen
1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder
9.5. Candy Cane Murder


Douglas Adams: The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Jim Butcher: The Cinder Spires
1. The Aeronaut’s Windlass

Michael Crichton: Jurassic Park
1. Jurassic Park

Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars
1. The Phantom Menace
4. Verily, a New Hope

Scott Lynch: Gentleman Bastard
1. The Lies of Locke Lamora

Christopher Paolini: Inheritance Cycle
– read all books through No. 3 (Brisingr)

Terry Pratchett: Discworld
– read all books through No. 8 (Guards! Guards!), plus:
12. Witches Abroad
14. Lords and Ladies
15. Men at Arms
19. Feet of Clay
20. Hogfather
23. Carpe Jugulum
31. Monstrous Regiment

Terry Pratchett: The Science of Discworld
1. The Science of Discworld

Mary Stewart: Merlin Trilogy
1. The Crystal Cave
2. The Hollow Hills


Pearl S. Buck: House of Earth
1. The Good Earth
3. A House Divided

Canongate Myths
1. Karen Armstrong: A Short History of Myth
2. Margaret Atwood: The Penelopiad
17. A.S. Byatt: Ragnarok

James Fenimore Cooper: The Leatherstocking Tales
1. The Deerslayer
2. The Last of the Mohicans

E.M. Delafield: Diary of a Provincial Lady
1. The Diary of a Provincial Lady

Charles Dickens: The Christmas Books
1. A Christmas Carol
2. The Chimes

Elizabeth Gaskell: Cranford Chronicles
1. Cranford
3. My Lady Ludlow

Günter Grass: Danzig-Trilogie
1. Die Blechtrommel

Giovanni Guareschi: Don Camillo
1. The Little World of Don Camillo

Joanne Harris: Chocolat
1. Chocolat

James Herriot: All Creatures Great and Small
1. All Creatures Great and Small
X Cat Stories

Hogarth Shakespeare
1. Jeanette Winterson: The Gap of Time
4. Margaret Atwood: Hag-Seed

Olivia Manning: Fortunes of War / The Balkan Trilogy
1. The Great Fortune

Penguin Great Loves
1. Vergil: Doomed Love
2. Pierre Abélard and Héloïse d’Argenteuil: Forbidden Fruit: From the Letters
9. Leo Tolstoy: The Kreutzer Sonata
18. Anaïs Nin: Eros Unbound

Walter Scott: Waverley Novels
1. Waverley
4. Rob Roy
5. Ivanhoe
7. Kenilworth

Walter Scott: Tales of My Landlord
1. The Black Dwarf & Old Mortality
2. The Heart of Mid-Lothian
3.1 The Bride of Lammermoor

Joseph Sheridan le Fanu: In a Glass Darkly
1. Carmilla

Robert Louis Stevenson: David Balfour
1. Kidnapped

Angela Thirkell: Barsetshire
1. High Rising

Anthony Trollope: Barchester Chronicles
1. The Warden
2. Barchester Towers

Mark Twain: Tom Sawyer
1. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
2. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

John Updike: Eastwick
1. The Witches of Eastwick

Jules Verne: Voyages Extraordinaires
1. Cinq semaines en ballon
6. Vingt mille lieux sous les mers
14 Michel Strogoff

P.G. Wodehouse: Jeeves
1. My Man Jeeves
5. Thank you, Jeeves
7. The Code of the Woosters
12. Jeeves in the Offing

P.G. Wodehouse: Ukridge
1. Ukridge

Émile Zola: Les Rougon-Macquart
1. La Fortune des Rougon
9. Nana


Patrick Leigh Fermor: On Foot to Constantinople
1. A Time of Gifts
2. Between the Woods and the Water

Nick Hornby: Stuff I’ve Been Reading
1. The Polysyllabic Spree

Marcel Pagnol: Souvenirs d’enfance
1. La gloire de mon père

Liza Picard: Life of London
1. Elizabeth’s London

Dorothy L. Sayers: The Letters
1. 1899-1936: The Making of a Detective Novelist

Jennifer Worth: Midwife Trilogy
1. Call the Midwife

First in Series

*** Continued HERE. ***


Moonlight Reader created a post like this and I decided it might help me keeping track of my series reading plans as well, so here we are. These are all the still-to-be-started series that I’ve added to my TBR in the past two decades (ever since I started keeping track of my reading at all).  Obviously, not all of them have the same priority: some are recent additions that I can’t wait to get to, some are of the “I’ll get to it whenever I’ll get to it” sort, some I’m now almost certain will turn out not to be for me (but I don’t want to take them off the list before I haven’t at least taken a look at book 1), and with some, I’m seriously late for the party (and can hardly believe it’s ever come to this in the first place).  Also, in some cases I’m actually more interested in a book (or books) further along in the series, but in the interest of reading the series in order, I’m still listing book no. 1 here.

Finally, since this is primarily for my own reference and I didn’t want to have too many sub-list fragments, I’ve lumped together a few categories that I would otherwise keep separate, such as Classics and LitFic, History and Biographies / Memoirs, Golden Age mysteries and noir fiction, etc.

For my ongoing series reads, see HERE; for completed (resp. abandoned) series and authors, see HERE. Series that, after having read the first book, I’ve decided to continue are moved to my ongoing series list.


Francis Beeding: Inspector Martin – The Norwich Victims
Caryl Brahms & S.J. Simon: Inspector Quill – A Bullet in the Ballet
Christianna Brand: Inspector Charlesworth – Death in High Heels
Leo Bruce: Sergeant Beef – Case for Three Detectives
Leo Bruce: Carolus Deene – At Death’s Door
John Bude: Inspector Bigswell – The Cornish Coast Murder
Miles Burton: Inspector Arnold – Death in the Tunnel
Elizabeth Daly: Henry Gamadge – Unexpected Night
Clemence Dane & Helen Simpson: Sir John Saumarez – Enter Sir John
John Dickson Carr: Henri Bencolin – It Walks by Night
Carter Dickson: Sir Henry Merrivale – The Plague Court Murders
Detection Club: Anatomy of Murder – Anatomy of Murder
David Dodge: Whit Whitney – Death and Taxes
Francis Durbridge: Paul Temple – Send for Paul Temple
Mignon G. Eberhart: Sarah Keate – The Patient in Room 18
Timothy Fuller: Jupiter Jones – Harvard Has a Homicide
Friedrich Glauser: Wachtmeister Studer – Wachtmeister Studer
Anna Katharine Green: Ebenezer Gryce – The Leavenworh Case
Balduin Groller: Detektiv Dagoberts Taten und Abenteuer – Volume 1
Chester Himes: Harlem Cycle – A Rage in Harlem
Elspeth Huxley: Inspector Vachell – Murder at Government House
Maurice Leblanc: Arsène Lupin – Arsène Lupin: Gentleman cambrioleur
Philip MacDonald: Colonel Gethryn – The Rasp
Ross Macdonald: Lew Archer – The Moving Target
A.E.W. Mason: Inspector Hanaud – At the Villa Rose
Helen McCloy: Dr. Basil Willing – Dance of Death
Margaret Millar: Tom Aragon – Ask for Me Tomorrow
E. Phillips Oppenheim: John T. Laxworthy – Mr. Laxworthy’s Adventures
E.R. Punshon: Bobby Owen – Information Received
Ellery Queen: Ellery Queen – The Roman Hat Mystery
Patrick Quentin: Peter Duluth – Puzzle for Fools
John Rowland: Inspector Shelley – Bloodshed in Bayswater
Shelley Smith: Jacob Chaos – Background for Murder
Pierre Souvestre & Marcel Allain – Famtômas – Tome 1
Rex Stout: Tecumseh Fox – Double for Death
Phoebe Atwood Taylor (Alice Tilton): Leonidas Witherall – Beginning With a Bash
Edgar Wallace: Elk of the Yard – The Fellowship of the Frog
Edgar Wallace: The Four Just Men – The Four Just Men
Edgar Wallace: Mr. J.G. Reeder – Room 13
Colin Watson: Flaxborough Chronicles – Coffin Scarcely Used
Lassiter Wren & Randle McKay: The Baffle Book(s) – The Baffle Book

For my Golden Age mystery priority plans, see HERE.


Pieter Aspe: Pieter Van In – The Square of Revenge
Ace Atkins: Nick Travers – Crossroad Blues
David Baldacci: Camel Club – The Camel Club
Robert Barnard: Perry Trethowan – Death By Sheer Torture
Linda Barnes: Carlotta Carlyle – A Trouble of Fools
Carol Lea Benjamin: Rachel Alexander and Dash – This Dog for Hire
Mark Billingham: Tom Thorne – Sleepyhead
Lawrence Block: Matthew Scudder – The Sins of the Fathers
Anthony Boucher: Fergus O’Breen – The Case of the Crumpled Knave
Anthony Boucher: Sister Ursula – Nine Times Nine
Kylie Brant: Mindhunters – Waking Nightmare
C.J. Box: Joe Pickett – Open Season
Ray Bradbury: Crumley Mysteries – Death Is a Lonely Business
D.W. Buffa: Joseph Antonelli – The Defense
James Lee Burke: Dave Robicheaux – The Neon Rain
James Lee Burke: Billy Bob Holland – Cimarron Rose
Jan Burke: Irene Kelly – Goodnight, Irene
W.J. Burley: Wycliffe – Wycliffe and the Three-Toed Pussy
Stephen J. Cannell: Shane Scully – The Tin Collectors
Jane Casey: Maeve Kerrigan – The Burning
Suzanne Chazin: Georgia Skeehan – The Fourth Angel
Lee Child: Jack Reacher – Killing Floor
Paul Cleave: Theodore Tate – Cemetery Lake
Ann Cleeves: Vera Stanhope – The Crow Trap
Ann Cleeves: Matthew Venn – The Long Call
Gabriel Cohen: Detective Jack Leightner – Red Hook
Deborah Crombie: Duncan Kincaid & Gemma James – A Share In Death
Robert Crais: Elvis Cole – The Monkey’s Raincoat
David Cray: Julie Brennan – Little Girl Blue
Edwidge Danticat (ed.): Haiti Noir – Haiti Noir
Jeffery Deaver: Lincoln Rhyme – The Bone Collector
Nelson Demille: John Corey – Plum Island
Nelson Demille: Paul Brenner – The General’s Daughter
Michael Dibdin: Aurelio Zen – Ratking
Martin Edwards: Harry Devlin – All the Lonely People
Martin Edwards: Lake District Mysteries – The Coffin Trail
Loren D. Estleman: Amos Walker – Motor City Blue
Linda Fairstein: Alexandra Cooper – Final Jeopardy
Helen Fields: Luc Callanach – Perfect Remains
Earlene Fowler: Benni Harper – Fool’s Puzzle
Dick Francis: Sid Halley – Odds Against
Hugh Fraser: Rina Walker – Harm
Erle Stanley Gardner: Perry Mason – The Case of the Velvet Claws
Lee Goldberg: Eve Ronin – Lost Hills
Sue Grafton: Kinsey Millhone – ‘A’ is for Alibi
Nicola Griffith: Aud Torvingen – The Blue Place
Martha Grimes: Andi Oliver – Biting the Moon
Denise Hamilton: Eve Diamond – The Jasmine Trade
Hugo Hamilton: Pat Coyne – Headbanger
Gary Hardwick: Danny Cavanaugh – Color of Justice
Charlaine Harris: Lily Bard – Shakespeare’s Landlord
Donald Harstad: Carl Houseman – Eleven Days
Mo Hayder: Jack Caffery – Birdman
Mick Herron: Slough House – Slow Horses
Reginald Hill: Dalziel & Pascoe – A Clubbable Woman
Alan Hunter: George Gently – Gently Does it
Greg Iles: Mississippi – Mortal Fear
Jon A. Jackson: Detective Sergeant Mulheisen – The Diehard
J.A. Jance: Walker Family – Hour of the Hunter
William Jefferies: John Pellam – Shallow Graves
Craig Johnson: Longmire – The Cold Dish
Morag Joss: Sarah Selkirk – Funeral Music
Mons Kallentoft: Malin Fors – Midwinter Sacrifice
Jonathan Kellerman: Alex Delaware – When the Bough Breaks
Jonathan Kellerman: Petra Connor – Billy Straight
Graeme Kent: Sister Conchita & Sergeant Kella – Devil-Devil
William Kent Krueger: Cork O’Connor – Iron Lake
Hans Olav Lahlum: K2 – The Human Flies
Joe R. Lansdale: Hap Collins & Leonard Pine – Savage Season
Elmore Leonard: Ordell Robbie & Louis Gara – The Switch
Elmore Leonard: Jack Ryan – The Big Bounce
Elmore Leonard: Raylan Givens – Pronto
John Lescroart: Dismas Hardy – Dead Irish
M.L. Longworth: Verlaque & Bonnet Provençal Mysteries – Death at the Chateau Bremont
Robert Ludlum: Jason Bourne – The Boune Identity
Gayle Lynds: Judd Ryder & Eva Blake – The Book of Spies
John D. MacDonald: Travis McGee – The Deep Blue Good-By
Helen MacInnes: Robert Renwick – Prelude to Terror
Petros Markaris: Costas Haritos – Deadline in Athens
Sujata Massey: Rei Shimura – The Salaryman’s Wife
Jason Matthews: Red Sparrow Trilogy – Red Sparrow
Ed McBain: 87 Precinct – Cop Hater
Sharyn McCrumb: Elizabeth MacPherson – Sick of Shadows
Michael McGarrity: Kevin Kerney – Tularosa
Denise Mina: Paddy Meehan – Field of Blood
Kirk Mitchell: Emmett Parker & Anna Turnipseed – Cry Dance
Theresa Monsour: Paris Murphy – Clean Cut
Barbara Nadel: Inspector İkmen – Belshazzar’s Daughter
Barbara Neely: Blanche WhiteBlanche on the Lam
Tiina Nunnally: Margit Andersson – Runemaker
Carol O’Connell: Kathleen Mallory – Mallory’s Oracle
Brian O’Hare: DCI Jim Sheehan – The Doom Murders
Meta Osredkar: Kriminalinspektor Kos – Hochwürden stirbt grausam
Perri O’Shaughnessy: Nina Reilly – Motion to Suppress
T. Jefferson Parker: Merci Rayborn – The Blue Hour
James Patterson: Alex Cross – Along Came a Spider
James Patterson: Women’s Murder Club – 1st to Die
Eliot Pattison: Inspector Shan Tao Yun – The Skull Mantra
David Peace: Red Riding Quartet – Nineteen Seventy Four
Ridley Pearson: Boldt / Matthews – Undercurrents
T.R. Pearson: Ray Tatum – Cry Me a River
George Pelecanos: Nick Stefanos – A Firing Offense
George Pelecanos: Spero Lucas – The Cut
Thomas Perry: Jane Whitefield – Vanishing Act
Ellis Peters: Felse Investigations – Fallen Into the Pit
Nancy Pickard: Marie Lightfoot – The Whole Truth
J.D. Robb: In Death – Naked in Death
Gillian Roberts: Amanda Pepper – Caught Dead in Philadelphia
S.J. Rozan: Bill Smith & Lydia Chin – China Trade
Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Cementerio de los libros olvidados – La sombra del viento
John Sandford: Lucas Davenport – Rules of Prey
John Sandford: Kidd and LuEllen – The Fool’s Run
Beth Saulnier: Alex Bernier – Reliable Souces
Julie Schumacher: Jason Fitger – Dear Committee Members
Lisa See: Red Princess Mysteries – Flower Net
Barbara Seranella: Munch Mancini – No Human Involved
Yrsa Sigurðardóttir – Þóra Guðmundsdóttir – Last Rituals
Daniel Silva: Gabriel Allon – The Kill Artist
Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö: Martin Beck – Roseanna
Karin Slaughter: Grant County – Blindsighted
Karin Slaughter: Will Trent – Tryptich
Julie Smith: Skip Langdon – New Orleans Mourning
Julie Smith: Rebecca Schwartz – Death Turns a Trick
Martin Cruz Smith: Arkady Renko – Gorky Park
Julia Spencer-Fleming: Clare Fergusson & Russ Van Alstyne – In the Bleak Midwinter
James Swain: Tony Valentine – Grift Sense
Julian Symons: Inspector Bland – The Immaterial Murder Case
Julian Symons: Sheridan Haynes – A Three-Pipe Problem
Peter Temple: The Broken Shore – The Broken Shore
Steve Thayer: Pliny Pennington – The Wheat Field
Aimee & David Thurlo: Ella Clah – Blackening Song
Aimee & David Thurlo: Lee Nez – Second Sunrise
M.J. Trow: Mad Max – Maxwell’s House
Manuel Vázquez Montalbán: Pepe Carvalho – Yo maté a Kennedy
Mary Willis Walker: Molly Cates – The Red Scream
Jess Walter: Caroline Mabry – Over Tumbled Graves
Betty Webb: Lena Jones – Desert Noir
Janwillem van de Wetering: Henk Grijpstra & Rinus de Gier – Outsider in Amsterdam
Robert Wilson: Javier Falcon – The Blind Man of Seville
Robert Wilson: Bruce Medway – Instruments of Darkness
David Wiltse: Billy Tree – Heartland
Stuart Woods: Stone Barrington – New York Dead


Rennie Airth: Inspector Madden – River of Darkness
Boris Akunin: Erast Fandorin – The Winter Queen
Edoardo Albert: Northumbrian Thrones – Edwin: High King of Britain
Edoardo Albert: Conrad Monk – Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army
Tasha Alexander: Lady Emily – And Only to Deceive
Isabel Allende: Eliza Sommers – Hija de la fortuna
Maureen Ash: Templar Knight Mystery – The Alehouse Murders
Nancy Bilyeau: Joanna Stafford – The Crown
Caleb Carr: Dr. Laszlo Kreizler – The Alienist
Elizabeth Chadwick: Eleanor of Aquitaine – The Summer Queen
P.F. Chisholm: Sir Robert Carey – A Famine of Heroes
Rory Clements: John Shakespeare – Martyr
Toby Clements: Kingmaker – Winter Pilgrims
Barbara Cleverly: Joe Sandilands – The Last Kashmiri Rose
Gary Corby: Athenian Mysteries – The Pericles Commission
Lindsey Davis: Marcus Didius Falco – The Silver Pigs
Roddy Doyle: The Last Roundup – A Star Called Henry
Colin Falconer: William Shakespeare Detective Agency – The School of Night
Ken Follett: Century Trilogy – Fall of Giants
C.S. Forester: Horatio Hornblower – Mr. Midshipman Hornblower
Ariana Franklin: Adelia Aguilar – Mistress of the Art of Death
George MacDonald Fraser: The Flashman Papers – Flashman
Kristin Gleeson & Moonyeen Blakey: Renaissance Sojourner – The Imp of Eye
William Golding: To the Ends of the Earth – Rites of Passage
Jason Goodwin: Investigator Yashim – The Janissary Tree
Kate Grenville: Thornhill Family – The Secret River
Don Gutteridge: Marc Edwards – Turncoat
Barbara Hambly: Benjamin January – A Free Man of Color
Matthew Harffy: Bernicia Chronicles – The Serpent Sword
C.S. Harris: Sebastian St. Cyr – What Angels Fear
Simon Hawke: Shakespeare & Smythe – A Mystery of Errors
Bruce Holsinger: John Gower – A Burnable Book
Conn Iggulden: War of the Roses – Stormbird
Christian Jacq: Ramses – The Son of Light
Michael Jecks: Vintener Trilogy – Fields of Glory
Elizabeth Jolley: Vera Wright Trilogy – My Father’s Moon
Laurie R. King: Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes – The Beekeeper’s Apprentice
Bernard Knight: Crowner John – Crowner’s Crusade
Sujata Massey: Perveen Mistry – The Widows of Malabar Hill
Cormac McCarthy: Border Trilogy – All the Pretty Horses
Larry McMurtry: Lonesome Dove – Lonesome Dove
Anchee Min: Empress Orchid – Empress Orchid
Walter Mosley: Fearless Jones – Fearless Jones
Abir Mukherjee: Sam Wyndham – A Rising Man
Charles O’Brien: Anne Cartier – Mute Witness
Joseph O’Connor: Star of the Sea – Star of the Sea
I.J. Parker: Sugawara Akitada – The Dragon Scroll
Owen Parry: Abel Jones – Faded Coat of Blue
Renee Patrick: Lillian Frost & Edith Head – Design for Dying
Sharon Kay Penman: Welsh Princes Trilogy – Here Be Dragons
Andrea Penrose: Wrexford & Sloane – Murder on Black Swan Lane
Arturo Pérez-Reverte: Capitán Alatriste – El Capitán Alatriste
Jean Plaidy: Queens of England – Myself, My Enemy
Jean Plaidy: Isabella and Ferdinand – Castile for Isabella
Jean Plaidy: Catherine de’ Medici – Madame Serpent
Oliver Pötzsch: Die Henkerstochter – Die Henkerstochter
D.M. Quincy: Atlas Catesby – Murder in Mayfair
Judith Rock: Charles du Luc – The Rhetoric of Death
Kate Ross: Julian Kestrel – Cut to the Quick
Laura Joh Rowland: San Ichiro – Shinjú
James Runcie: Grantchester Mysteries – Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death
Edward Rutherfurd: Dublin Saga – The Princes of Ireland
Emilio Salgari : The Pirates of Melanesia – Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem
Michael Shaara: Civil War Trilogy – Gods and Generals
Margaret Skea: Katharina Luther – Katharina: Deliverance
Amy Stewart: Kopp Sisters – Girl Waits With Gun
S.D. Sykes: Somershill Manor – Plague Land
Andrew Taylor: James Marwood & Cat Lovett – The Ashes of London
Will Thomas: Barker and Llewelyn – Some Danger Involved
Charles Todd: Inspector Ian Rutledge – A Test of Wills
Charles Todd: Bess Crawford – A Duty to the Dead
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Buru Quartet – This Earth of Mankind
Gail Tsukiyama: Women of the Silk – Women of the Silk
Gore Vidal: Narratives of Empire – Burr
Richard Zimler: Sephardic Cycle – The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon


Sandra Balzo: Maggy Thorsen – Uncommon Grounds
Lilian Jackson Braun: The Cat Who … – The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
Laura Childs: Tea Shop Mysteries – Death by Darjeeling
Diane Mott Davidson: Goldy Schulz – Catering for Nobody
Ruth Dudley Edwards: Robert Amiss – Corridors of Death
Janet Evanovich: Stephanie Plum – One for the Money
Jerrilyn Farmer: Madeline Bean – Sympathy for the Devil
Martin H. Greenberg & Edward Gorman (eds.): Cat Crimes – Cat Crimes I
Carolyn HartDeath on Demand Mysteries – Death on Demand
Miranda James: Cat in the Stacks Mysteries – Murder Past Due
Kylie Logan: Leage of Literary Ladies – Mayhem at the Orient Express
Tamar Myers: Amanda Brown – The Witch Doctor’s Wife
Sofie Ryan – Second Chance Cat Mysteries – The Whole Cat and Caboodle
Various Authors: Annie’s Attic Mysteries – Tara Randel: The Lady in the Attic
Various Authors: Mystery Cats – Mystery Cats
Susan Wittig Albert: China Bayles – Thyme of Death


Ben Aaronovitch: Peter Grant – Rivers of London
Ann Aguirre: Dred Chronicles – Perdition
Lloyd Alexander: Chronicles of Prydain – The Book of Three
Sarah Addison Allen: Waverley Family – Garden Spells
Isaac Asimov: Robot – I, Robot
Isaac Asimov: Foundation Trilogy – Foundation
Pat Barker: Regeneration Trilogy – Regeneration
Stephen Baxter: Xeelee – Raft
Anne Bishop: The Others – Written in Red
Terry Brooks: Magic Kingdom of Landover – Magic Kingdom for Sale / Sold
Jim Butcher: Dresden Files – Storm Front
Octavia E. Butler: Xenogenesis Trilogy – Dawn
Orson Scott Card: Ender’s Game – Ender’s Game
Jacqueline Carey: Kushiel’s Legacy – Kushiel’s Dart
S.A. Chakraborty: Daevabad Trilogy – The City of Brass
C.J. Cheryh: Morgaine Saga – The Chronicles of Morgaine
C.J. Cherryh: Foreigner – Foreigner
Roshani Chokshi: Star-Touched Queen – The Star-Touched Queen
Rin Chupeco: The Bone Witch – The Bone Witch
Arthur C. Clarke: Space Odyssey – 2001: A Space Odyssey
Susan Cooper: The Dark is Rising – Over Sea, Under Stone
Charles de Lint: Ottawa and the Valley – Moonheart
Stephen R. Donaldson: Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever – Lord Foul’s Bane
Nancy K. Duplechain: Dark Trilogy – Dark Bayou
David Eddings: Elenium – The Elenium
David Eddings: Malloreon . Guardians of the West
David & Leigh Eddings: Belgariad – Belgarath the Sorcerer
Raymond E. Feist: Riftwar Saga – Magician
Jasper Fforde: Thursday Next – The Eyre Affair
Jack Finney: Time – Time and Again
Michael Flynn: Firestar – Firestar
Esther M. Friesner: New York – New York by Knight
Neil Gaiman: American Gods – American Gods
Neil Gaiman: The Sandman – Preludes and Nocturnes
Neil Gaiman: The Absolute Sandman – Volume 1
David Gemmell – Drenai Saga – Legend
Mary Gentle: Golden Witchbreed – Golden Witchbreed
William Gibson: Sprawl – Neuromancer
William Gibson: Blue Ant – Pattern Recognition
Barbara Hambly: Winterlands – Dragonsbane
Alwyn Hamilton: Rebel of the Sands – Rebel of the Sands
Frank Herbert: Dune – Dune
Jim C. Hines: Princess – The Stepsister Scheme
P.C. Hodgell: Kencyrath – God Stalk
Alice Hoffman: Practical Magic – The Rules of Magic
Robert Holdstock: Mythago Wood – Mythago Wood
William Horwood: Duncton Chronicles – Duncton Wood
Diana Wynne Jones: Derkholm – Dark Lord of Derkholm
Robert Jordan: Wheel of Time – The Eye of the World
Katherine Kurtz: Chronicles of the Deryni – Deryni Rising
Ellen Kushner: World of Riverside – Swordspoint
Mercedes Lackey: Heralds of Valdemar – Arrows of the Queen
Mercedes Lackey: Bardic Voices – Four and Twenty Blackbirds
Shelly Laurenston: Call of Crows – The Unleashing
Ursula K. Le Guin: Earthsea Cycle – A Wizard of Earthsea
Ursula K. Le Guin: Hainish Cycle – The Dispossessed
Ursula K. Le Guin: Annals of the Western Shore – Gifts
Ursula K. Le Guin: Orsinia – Malafrena
Fritz Leiber: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser – Swords and Deviltry
Doris Lessing: Canopus in Argos – Shikasta:Re: Colonised Planet 5
Juliet Marillier: Wildwood – Wildwood Dancing
John Marsden: Tomorrow – Tomorrow, When the War Began
Julian May: Saga of Piocene Exile – The Many-Colored Land
Anne McCaffrey – Dragonriders of Pern – Dragonflight
Anne McCaffrey: Pern: Harper Hall – Dragonsong
Dennis L: McKiernan: Mithgar – The Dragonstone
Patricia A. McKillip: Riddle-Master – The Riddle-Master of Hed
Robin McKinley: Damar – The Blue Sword
Lois McMaster Bujold: Chalion – The Curse of Chalion
Marissa Meyer: Lunar Chronicles – Cinder
Michael Moorcock: Elric – Elric
Peter Morwood: Tales of Old Russia – Prince Ivan
Andre Norton: Witch World: Eastcarp Cycle – Witch World
Andre Norton: Moon Magic – Moon of Three Rings
Wendy & Richard Pini – Complete ElfQuest – Volume 1
Melanie Rawn: Dragon Prince – Dragon Prince
Alastair Reynolds: Revelation Space – Revelation Space
Jennifer Roberson: Tiger and Del – Sword-Dancer
Fred Saberhagen: Lost Swords – Woundhealer’s Story
R.A. Salvatore: Legend of Drizzt – Homeland
R.A. Salvatore: Spearwielder’s Tale – The Woods Out Back
R.A. Salvatore: Corona: Saga of the First King – The Highwayman
Brandon Sanderson: The Reckoners – Steelheart
John Scalzi: Old Man’s War – Old Man’s War
John Scalzi: Lock In – Lock In
Bob Shaw: Land and Overland – Ragged Astronauts
Robert Shea: Illuminatus! – The Eye in the Pyramid
Dan Simmons: Hyperion – Hyperion
Maggie Stiefvater: Wolves of Mercy Falls – Shiver
Maggie Stiefvater: Raven Cycle – The Raven Boys
Michael J. Sullivan: Riyria Revelations – Theft of Swords
Judith Tarr: Alamut – Alamut
Judith Tarr: The Hound and the Falcon – The Isle of Glass
Amy Thomson: The Color of Distance – The Color od Distance
Megan Whalen Turner: The Queen’s Thief – The Thief
Catherynne M. Valente: The Orphan’s Tales – In the Night Garden
Jack Vance: The Dying Earth – The Dying Earth
Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples: Saga – Volume 1
Evangeline Walton: Mabinogion Tetralogy – Prince of Annwn
Peter Watts: Firefall – Blindsight
Andy Weir: The Martian – The Martian
Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman: Rose of the Prophet Trilogy – The Will of the Wanderer
Zack & Joss Whedon: Serenity – Those Left Behind
Kim Wilkins: Europa – The Autumn Castle
Connie Willis: Oxford Time Travel – Doomsday Book
Janny Wurts: The Cycle of Fire – Stormwarden
Janny Wurts: Wars of Light and Shadow – The Curse of the Mistwraith
Jane Yolen: Great Alta – Sister Light, Sister Dark
Marion Zimmer Bradley: Avalon – The Mists of Avalon
Marion Zimmer Bradley: Darkover – The Planet Savers
David Zindell: A Requiem for Homo Sapiens – The Broken God


Chinua Achebe: African Trilogy – Things Fall Apart
Ivo Andrić: Bosnian Trilogy – The Bridge on the Drina
Paul Auster: New York Trilogy – City of Glass
John Banville: Cleave Trilogy – Eclipse
John Banville: Revolutions Trilogy – Doctor Copernicus
Simone de Beauvoir: Le deuxième sexe – tome 1
Ray Bradbury: Green Town – Dandelion Wine
Anthony Burgess: Enderby Quartet – Inside Mister Enderby
Joseph Campbell: The Masks of God – Primitive Mythology
Joyce Cary: First Trilogy – Herself Surprised
Paulo Coelho: And on the Seventh Day Trilogy – Veronica Decides to Die
J.M. Coetzee: Scenes From Provincial Life – Boyhood
Maryse Condé: Ségou – Ségou
Robertson Davies: Deptford Trilogy – Fifth Business
Roddy Doyle: Barrytown Trilogy – The Commitments
Alexandre Dumas: Sainte-Hermine Cycle – Les Blancs et les Bleus
Lawrence Durrell: Alexandria Quartet – Justine
William Faulkner: Snopes Trilogy – The Hamlet
Elena Ferrante: Neapolitan Quartet – My Brilliant Friend
Lion Feuchtwanger: Wartesaal-Trilogie – Erfolg
Theodor Fontane: Wanderungen durch die Mark Brandenburg – Die Grafschaft Ruppin
Ford Madox Ford: Parade’s End – Some Do Not …
Eduardo Galeano: Memoria del fuego – Los nacimientos
Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections in Natural History – Ever Since Darwin
Juan Goytisolo: Álvaro Mendiola – Señas de identidad
Richard Hooker: M*A*S*H – M*A*S*H
William James: The Principles of Psychology – Volume 1
Guadalupe Loaeza: Las niñas bien – Las niñas bien
Javier Marías: Tu rostro mañana – Fiebre y lanza
Grace Matalious: Peyton Place – Peyton Place
Armistead Maupin: Tales of the City – Tales of the City
Alexander McCall Smith: 44 Scotland Street – 44 Scotland Street
Yukio Mishima: The Sea of Fertility – Spring Snow
Nancy Mitford: Radlett & Montdore – The Pursuit of Love
Anna Maria Ortese: A Music Behind the Wall – Volume 1
Plutarch: Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans – Volume 1
Marcel Proust: À la recherche du temps perdu – Du côté de chez Swann
Miss Read: Fairacre – Village School
Dorothy Richardson: Pilgrimage – Pointed Roofs
Philip Roth: American Trilogy – American Pastoral
April Sinclair: Stevie Stevenson – Coffee Will Make You Black
Ali Smith: Seasonal – Autumn
Edward St Aubyn: Patrick Melrose – Never Mind
Wallace Stegner: Mason Family – The Big Rock Candy Mountain
Elizabeth Strout: Amgash – My Name Is Lucy Barton
John Updike: Rabbit Angstrom – Rabbit, Run
Various Authors: The Austen Project – Joanna Trollope: Sense & Sensibility
Gore Vidal: Myra Breckinridge – Myra Breckinridge
Martin Walser: Anselm Kristlein Trilogie – Halbzeit
Alan Warner: Morvern Callar Cycle – Morvern Callar
Elie Wiesel: Night Trilogy – Night
P.G. Wodehouse: Blandings Castle – Something Fresh


Peter Ackroyd: History of England – Foundation
Lillian Beckwith: Hebridian Trilogy – The Hills Is Lonely
Taylor Branch: America in the King Years – Parting the Waters
Douglas Brinkley & Luke A. Nichter: The Nixon Tapes – 1971-1972
Michael Burlingame: Abraham Lincoln, A Life – Volume 1
Robert A. Caro: The Years of Lyndon Johnson – The Path to Power
Winston Churchill: The Second World War – The Gathering Storm
Gerald Durrell: Corfu Trilogy – My Family and Other Animals
Niall Ferguson: The House of Rothschild – Money’s Prophets, 1798-1848
Shelby Foote: The Civil War – Fort Sumter to Perryville
Gabriel García Márquez: Autobiography – Vivir para contarla
William Goldman: Adventures in the Screen Trade – Adventures in the Screen Trade
Henry Kissinger: Memoirs – White House Years
Betty MacDonald: Memoirs – The Egg and I
Gavin Maxwell: Ring of Bright Water Trilogy – Ring of Bright Water
Peter Mayle: Provence – A Year in Provence
William Least Heat-Moon: Travel Trilogy – Blue Highways
Edmund Morris: Theodore Roosevelt – The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt
Jan Morris: Pax Britannica – Heaven’s Command: An Imperial Progress
Ian Mortimer: Time Traveler’s Guides – The Time Traveler’s Guide to the Middle Ages
John Mortimer: Autobiography – Clinging to the Wreckage
Beverly Nichols: Merry Hall Trilogy – Merry Hall
George Orwell: Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters – An Age Like This: 1920-1940
Francis Parkman: France and England in North America – Pioneers of France in the New World
Penguin History of Europe – Simon Price: The Birth of Classical Europe: A History from Troy to Augustine
Margaret Sanders: Intimate Letters – Intimate Letters of England’s Queens
George Bernard Shaw: Collected Letters – 1874-1897
Chris Stewart: Lemons Trilogy – Driving Over Lemons
Jonathan Sumption: The Hundred Years War – Trial by Battle
Theodore H. White: The Making of the President – 1960

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