Lioness at Large Elsewhere

My profile pages on other websites:

Essentially my handle is the same (or very similar) on all sites except for LinkedIn, Facebook and here on WordPress; just note that sometimes it’s hyphenated and sometimes it isn’t, depending on the respective site’s user name parameters.

The only other sites (besides WordPress) where I’ve so far actually interacted with others, however, are BookLikes, Bloglovin’ and Facebook.

Libib and Fictfact to me are merely (as yet incomplete) backup book catalogues.

Pinterest is my “everything but the kitchen sink” meme repository.

LinkedIn is a “just in case” account as far as blogging and reviewing is concerned – I’m chiefly using it for RL business purposes.

Twitter is also a “just in case” backup account – I’ve only been dabbling with it so far.

Goodreads, finally, is also merely a backup expedient.  I pulled out of there over the 2013 censorship snafu and have no intention to go back for good – just using my vestige ID as a fall back option if all else fails.