Around the World in 80 Books – Mostly by Female Authors

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The aim: To diversify my reading and read as many books as possible (not necessarily 80) set in, and by authors from, countries all over the world.  Female authors preferred.  If a book is set in a location other than that of the author’s nationality, it can apply to either (but not both).

On the map I’m only tracking new reads, not also rereads.

This is a project continued from 2019.  2020 reads for a country already covered in 2019 will override the 2019 reads.  (2019 books listed below.)

The Books:


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We Should All Be Feminists (new)

South Africa
Agatha Christie: The Grand Tour: Letters and Photographs from the British Empire Expedition 1922 (new)

Yaa Gyasi: Homegoing (new)

Gaël Faye: Petit pays (Small Country) (new)

Phyllis Wheatley: Memoir and Poems (new)

Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile (revisited on audio – twice)


Martha Wells: All Systems Red (new)
Sarah-Jane Stratford: Radio Girls (new)
Various Authors, Lee Child (ed.): Mystery Writers of America Presents: Vengeance (new)
Tamora Pierce: Alanna: The First Adventure, In the Hands of the Goddess, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, and Lioness Rampant (all new)
Scott Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora (new)
Sonia Sotomayor: My Beloved World (new)
Charles Portis: True Grit (new)
Sara Paretsky: Indemnity Only (new)
Lee Goldberg: Lost Hills (new)
Anne Fadiman: Confessions of a Common Reader (new)
Martha Grimes: The Horse You Came In On (new)
Anthony Boucher: The Case of the Baker Street Originals (new)
Otto Penzler (ed.) & Various Authors: Murder at the Racetrack, Dangerous Women, and Bibliomysteries (all new)
Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars – Verily, A New Hope (new)
Ellery Queen: The Roman Hat Mystery, The Chinese Orange Mystery, and Calamity Town, and The Egyptian Cross Mystery (all new)
Mark Twain: The Diaries of Adam and Eve (new)
Michael Connelly: The Night Fire (new)
Aimée and David Thurlo: Second Sunrise (new)
Sharyn McCrumb: The Ballad of Tom Dooley (new)
Alice Hoffman: The River King (new)
Patricia Highsmith: Ripley Under Ground (new)
Julie Smith & Various Authors: New Orleans Noir (new)
Jacques Futrelle: The Thinking Machine at Work (new)
Barbara Neely: Blanche on the Lam (new)
Donna Andrews: The Gift of the Magpie (new)
Robert B. Parker: Silent Night (new)
Charlotte Macleod (ed.) & Various Authors: Mistletoe Mysteries (new)

Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place (new)

Nicholas Shakespeare: The Dancer Upstairs (new)

Agatha Christie: A Caribbean Mystery (revisited on audio)

Elena John: Unburnable (new)


Mia Alvar: In the Country (new)

Rafik Schami: Murmeln meiner Kindheit (My Childhood’s Marbles) and Eine Hand voller Sterne (A Handful of Stars) (both new)

Barbara Cleverly: Ragtime in Simla (new)

Eve Makis: The Spice Box Letters (new)

Anita Amirrezvani: The Blood of Flowers (new)

Australia / Oceania

Holly Throsby: Goodwood (new)

New Zealand
Medieval Murderers: The Lost Prophecies (reread)
(Note: Counting for the book’s final episode, which is set in a post-apocalyptic version of NZ.)


United Kingdom
Gladys Mitchell: Death Comes at Christmas (aka Dead Men’s Morris), Speedy Death, The Mystery of a Butcher’s ShopThe Saltmarsh Murders, and Death at the Opera (all new)
Agatha Christie: 12 Radio MysteriesTowards ZeroOrdeal by InnocenceThe Harlequin Tea Set and Other StoriesCat Among the Pigeons, Dumb Witness, Elephants Can Remember, Poirot Investigates, Poirot’s Early Cases, At Bertram’s Hotel, Sleeping Murder, Nemesis (twice), Murder in the Mews and Other Stories, Sad Cypress, The Hollow, The A.B.C. Murders, 4:50 from Paddington, A Murder Is Announced, The Thirteen Problems, The Mysterious Affair at Styles (twice), The Secret Adversary, The Murder on the Links, Midwinter Murder, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, and Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (all revisited on audio), as well as Black Coffee (play) (new)
E.M. Delafield: The Diary of a Provincial Lady (new)
Dorothy Dunnett: The Game of Kings (new)
David Ashton: McLevy, Series 1 & 2 (new)
Elizabeth George: I, Richard and Careless in Red (both revisited on audio)
Ngaio Marsh: Scales of Justice (twice), Overture to DeathLight ThickensDead WaterDeath at the BarEnter a MurdererA Man Lay DeadDeath on the Air and Other StoriesWhen in RomeSinging in the ShroudsFalse Scent, Final Curtain, Tied Up in Tinsel, Off With His Head (aka Death of a Fool), and Death and the Dancing Footman (all revisited on audio)
Tony Riches: Jasper and Henry (both new)
John Bercow: Unspeakable (new)
Patricia Wentworth: The Case of William SmithThe Case Is Closed, Pilgrim’s Rest, and Lonesome Road (all new), Miss Silver Comes to Stay, and The Clock Strikes Twelve (rereads)
Colin Dexter: Last Bus to Woodstock  and The Dead of Jericho (both revisited on audio)
Raymond Postgate: Somebody at the Door, Verdict of Twelve , and The Ledger Is Kept (all new)
Ellis Peters: The Sanctuary Sparrow, An Excellent Mystery, One Corpse too Many, The Devil’s Novice, The Heretic’s Apprentice, Monk’s Hood, A Morbid Taste for Bones, and The Raven in the Foregate (all revisited on audio)
J. Jefferson Farjeon: Thirteen Guests (new)
Terry Manners: The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes (new)
Margery Allingham: The Beckoning LadyBlack Plumes (both new), Death of a GhostMystery MileSweet DangerDancers in MourningFlowers for the Judge, and Police at the Funeral (all revisited on audio), My Friend Mr. Campion and Other Stories, More Work for the Undertaker, Coroner’s Pidgin (all new), and The Case of the Late Pig (twice) (reread)
P.D. James: BBC 4 Radio Collection (7 full cast adaptations) and Devices and Desires (all revisited on audio)
Keith Frankel: Granada’s Greatest Detective (new)
Cyril Hare: Tragedy at Law, Tenant for Death, and Suicide Excepted (all new)
Georgette Heyer: No Wind of Blame and Envious Casca (both rereads)
Joy Ellis: The Patient Man and They Disappeared (bot new)
Anne Perry: Defend and Betray, and A Christmas Hope (new)
Michael Cox: A Study in Celluloid (new)
Emmuska Orczy: Lady Molly of Scotland Yard and Skin o’ My Tooth (both new)
Val McDermid: Broken Ground (new)
Josephine Tey: A Daughter of Time and Brat Farrar (both rereads), as well as Miss Pym DisposesDickon (as Gordon Daviot), The Man in the QueueTo Love and Be WiseA Shilling for Candles, and The Singing Sands (all new)
Detection Club: Ask a Policeman (new)
Susanna Gregory: An Unholy Alliance and A Killer in Winter (new)
R. Austin Freeman: The Red Thumb Mark and The Adventures of Dr. Thorndyke (aka The Singing Bone) (both new)
Alan Melville: Weekend at Thrackley (new)
Dorothy L. Sayers: Busman’s Honeymoon (play and novel, new and audio revisit, respectively)Love All (play, new), Have His Carcase, Strong Poison, Gaudy Night, Murder Must Advertise , The Nine Tailors (twice), The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, Hangman’s Holiday, Lord Peter Views the Body, Unnatural Death, In the Teeth of the Evidence (all revisited on audio), and The Lost Tools of Learning (new)
Bernard Capes: The Mystery of the Skeleton Key (new)
Ruth Rendell: A Judgement in Stone (new)
P.G. Wodehouse: Thank You, Jeeves and Jeeves in the Offing (both new)
Clemence Dane & Helen Simpson: Enter Sir John (new)
Pete Brown: Shakespeare’s Local (new)
Christianna Brand: Green for DangerDeath in High HeelsTour de ForceHeads You Lose, Suddenly at His Residence, and Fog of Doubt (all new)
Bernardine Evaristo: Girl, Woman, Other (new)
Arthur Conan Doyle: The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Collection (posthumous compilation) (audio revisit of selected short stories), Tales for a Winter’s Night / Round the Fire Stories (partly reread / mostly new), and The Blue Carbuncle (revisited on audio)
Clemence Dane: A Bill of Divorcement (new)
E.F. Benson: The Blotting Book (new)
J.K. Rowling: The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Quidditch Through the Ages (all audio)
A.E.W. Mason: At the Villa Rose (new)
Martin Edwards (ed.) & Various Authors: Deep Waters, Resorting to Murder, Continental Crimes, Serpents in Eden, Blood on the Tracks, Murder at the Manor, Settling Scores, and A Surprise for Christmas and Other Stories (all new)
Candace Robb: The Riddle of St. Leonard’s (new)
Nicholas Blake: The Beast Must Die (new)
Anthony Gilbert: Death in Fancy Dress (new)
Kathryn Harkup: Death by Shakespeare (new)
Patricia Moyes: The Sunken Sailor (new)
Michael Jecks: The Malice of Unnatural Death and The Mad Monk of Gidleigh (both new)
T.S. Eliot: Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (revisited on audio)
J.J. Connington: Nordenholt’s Million (new)
Emmuska Orczy, Maurice Leblanc, Victor L. Whitechurch, Freeman Wills Crofts: Classic Railway Murders ((largely) new)
Paul Doherty: Bloodstone and The Nightingale Gallery (both new)
Tony Medawar (ed.) & Various Authors: Bodies from the Library 3 (new)
Julian Symons: The Progress of a Crime (new)
Ian Rankin:
A Song for the Dark Times (new)
The Medieval Murderers: The Deadliest Sin (new)
Deborah Crombie: Dreaming of the Bones (new)
Josephine Bell: The Port of London Murders (new)
Michael Innes: There Came Both Mist and Snow (new)
Lesley Cookman: Murder in Midwinter and Murder out of Tune (both new)
Matthew Costello & Neil Richards: Cherringham: Secret Santa (new)
Oscar Wilde: The Impoftance of Being Earnest (revisited on audio)
Molly Thynne: The Crime at the ‘Noah’s Ark’ (new)
Christopher Bush: Dancing Death (new)
Moray Dalton: The Night of Fear (new)
Stuart MacBride: 12 Days of Winter (new)
Terry Pratchett: Hogfather (revisited on audio)
Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (revisited on audio)
Brian Flynn: The Murders near Mapleton (new)

Yrsa Sigurðardóttir: The Legacy (new)
A.S. Byatt: Ragnarok (new)

Patricia Moyes: Dead Men Don’t Ski (new)

J. Jefferson Farjeon: Seven Dead (new)
Freeman Wills Crofts: The Cask (new)
Jean-Francois Parot: L’énigme des Blancs-Manteaux (new)
James MacManus: Black Venus (new)

Helene Tursten: Night Rounds (new)

Patrick Leigh Fermor: Between the Woods and the Water (new)

Olivia Manning: The Great Fortune (new)

Lili Grün: Alles ist Jazz (new)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Saša Stanišić: Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert and Herkunft (both new)

Ranka Nikolić: Mord mit Meerblick (new)
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient Express (revisited on audio – twice)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: Über Kunst und Altertum in den Rhein- und Main-Gegenden (new)
Irmgard Wolf & Manfred Engelhardt: Mit Goethe am Rhein (new)

The Netherlands
Martin Edwards (ed.) & Various Authors: Foreign Bodies (new)
(Note: Anthology featuring stories from around the world, attributing it to NL because of the two Dutch entries)

Naomi Novik: Spinning Silver
(Note: Set in a fictional country, but linguistically, culturally and plot-wise, this is drenched in all things Slav, particularly Russian.)

W. Stanley Moss: Ill Met by Moonlight (new)

The 2020 “Gender Wars” Stats:

Read in 2020, to date:
Books by female authors: 176
– new: 91
– rereads: 85

Books by male authors: 73
– new: 64
– rereads: 9

Books by F & M mixed teams / anthologies: 22
– new: 21
– rereads: 1

The Reading Lists:






WOMEN WRITERS (global list):

The 2019 Books:

[World map created with]


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Purple Hibiscus (new)

Elizabeth Peters: Crocodile on the Sandbank (new)
Agatha Christie:Murder on the Nile (new) and Death on the Nile (revisited on audio)

Alexandra Fuller: Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight (new)

Laila Lalami: The Moor’s Account (new)

Clea Koff:The Bone Woman (new)

Kofi Annan: Interventions: A Life in War and Peace (new)

Sierra Leone
Aminatta Forna:The Memory of Love (new)

Democratic Republic of Congo
Sandra Uwiringiyimana: How Dare the Sun Rise (new)


Michelle Obama: Becoming (new)
Mary Roberts Rinehart:The Red Lamp (new)
Nevada Barr: Track of the Cat (new)
Louise Erdrich: The Plague of Doves (new)
James D. Doss: The Night Visitor (new)
Ann Leckie:The Raven Tower (new)
Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling (eds.) & Various Authors:A Wolf at the Door and Other Retold Fairy Tales (new)
Bob Berman:Earth-Shattering (new)
Fredric Brown:The Dead Ringer (new)
Jim Butcher:The Aeronaut’s Windlass (new)
Anna Katharine Green:The Golden Slipper (new)
Toni Morrison: Beloved (new)
Clayton Rawson:Death from a Top Hat (new)
Delia Owens:Where the Crawdads Sing (new)
Rex Stout: And Be a Villain (new)
Jennifer Estep: Kill the Queen (new)
Joan D. Vinge: Ladyhawke (revisited)
Dennis Lehane: The Given Day (new)
Sharyn McCrumb: The Unquiet Grave (new)
Paul Holes, Jim Clemente, Peter McDonnell, Steven Kramer & Various Contributors: Evil Has a Name (new)
Patricia Highsmith: Strangers on a Train (new)
Susan Orlean: The Library Book (new)
Dorothy B. Hughes: The So Blue Marble (new)
Donna Andrews:Owl Be Home for Christmas (new)
Louisa May Alcott:The Christmas Stories (individually part new, part revisited; new as a collection)

* Puerto Rico
Rosario Ferré:The House on the Lagoon (new)

Stef Penney: The Tenderness of Wolves (new)
Margaret Atwood: Hag-Seed and The Testaments (both new); The Handmaid’s Tale (revisited on audio)
Louise Penny: Still Life (new)

Clarice Lispector:The Hour of the Star (new)

John le Carré: The Night Manager (new)

Dominican Republic
Julia Alvarez: How the García Girls Lost Their Accents (new)

Tom Reis:The Black Count (new)

Silvia Moreno-Garcia:Gods of Jade and Shadow (new)

Sara Collins: The Confessions of Frannie Langton (new)

Kathy Reichs: Grave Secrets (new)

Agatha Christie: A Caribbean Mystery (revisited on audio)
(Note: The book was inspired by Christie’s own visit to Barbados; presumably the book’s fictional island setting of “St. Honoré” is thus based on Barbados.)


Xinran:The Good Women of China (new)

Shizuko Natsuki:Murder at Mt. Fuji (new)

North Korea
Hyeonseo Lee: The Girl with Seven Names (new)

South Korea
Min Jin Lee:Pachinko (new)

Sri Lanka
Michael Ondaatje: Anil’s Ghost (new)

Elif Shafak: Three Daughters of Eve (new)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: Sister of My Heart (new)
M.M. Kaye:Death in Kashmir (new)
William Dalrymple: The Last Mughal (new)
Anne Perry: A Christmas Garland (new)

Chingiz Aitmatov: Jamilia (new)

Laurence Bergreen: Over the Edge of the World (new)

Gertrude Bell, Georgina Howell (ed.): A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert (new)

Banine:Days in the Caucasus (new)

Zen Cho:Sorcerer to the Crown (new)

Israel / Palestine
Agatha Christie:Star Over Bethlehem and Other Stories (new)

Australia / Oceania

Joan Lindsay: Picnic at Hanging Rock (new)
Trudi Canavan: The Magicians’ Guild (new)

New Zealand
Ngaio Marsh:Vintage Murder, Died in the Wool, and Photo Finish (all revisited on audio)
Witi Ihimaera: The Whale Rider (new)


United Kingdom
Lorna Nicholl Morgan: Another Little Murder (new)
Stephen Fry, John Woolf, Nick Baker: Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets (new)
P.D. James: A Taste for Death (revisited on audio)
Agatha Christie: The Big Four, Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?, The Unexpected Guest, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Secret Adversary (twice), Parker Pyne Investigates, The Mysterious Mr. Quin, The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, Hallowe’en Party, And Then There Were None, The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, Three Blind Mice and Other Stories, The Witness for the Prosecution, The Golden Ball and Other Stories, and Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (all revisited on audio; The Unexpected Guest also in print); as well as The Lost Plays: Butter in a Lordly Dish / Personal Call / Murder in the Mews (new)
Elizabeth Ferrars: Murder Among Friends (new)
Barbara Pym:Excellent Women, Quartet in Autumn, and An Unsuitable Attachment (all new)
Terry Pratchett: Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters(both revisited on audio), Mort, Sourcery, Guards! Guards!, Monstrous Regiment, Pyramids (all new) and Hogfather (revisited on audio)
Georgette Heyer: Why Shoot a Butler?, They Found Him Dead, A Blunt Instrument, The Unfinished Clue, and Footsteps in the Dark (all new)
Nicholas Blake: A Question of Proof, Thou Shell of Death, and The Case of the Abominable Snowman (all new)
Joy Ellis: The Murderer’s Son, The Fourth Friend, The Guilty Ones, The Stolen Boys, andBeware the Past, and Five Bloody Hearts(all new)
Peter Grainger:An Accidental Death (new)
Elizabeth Gaskell: My Lady Ludlow (new)
Various Authors / Contributors: Agatha Christie Close Up: A Radio Investigation (new)
Virginia Woolf: The String Quartet (new)
John Buchan: The 39 Steps (revisited on audio)
Oscar Wilde: Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (new)
Ellis Peters: The Hermit of Eyton Forest, Dead Man’s Ransom, The Leper of Saint Giles, St. Peter’s Fair, The Virgin in the Ice, Monk’s Hood (twice), and The Rose Rent (all revisited on audio)
Patricia Wentworth: The Alington Inheritance, The Gazebo, The Benevent Treasure, Anna, Where are You?, The Key, The Ivory Dagger, Out of the Past, The Silent Pool, The Catherine Wheel, The Fingerprint, and Eternity Ring (all new)
Dorothy L. Sayers: Whose Body? (twice) and The Five Red Herrings (both revisited on audio)
Martin Fido: The World of Sherlock Holmes (new)
Ian Rankin: In a House of Lies (new)
John le Carré: Our Game and A Murder of Quality (both new)
Martin Durrani & Liz Kalaugher: Furry Logic (new)
The Detection Club:The Floating Admiral (revisited on audio)
Tony Medawar (ed.) & var. Golden Age mystery writers: Bodies from the Libary and Bodies from the Library 2 (both new)
Peter Lovesey: The Last Detective (new)
Colin Dexter: Morse’s Greatest Mystery and Other Stories (new)
Miles Burton:The Secret of High Eldersham (new)
Ngaio Marsh: The Nursing Home Murder and Death and the Dancing Footman (both revisited on audio)
Ellen Wilkinson: The Division Bell Mystery (new)
Ronald Knox: The Three Taps and The Body in the Silo (both new)
Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility (revisited on audio)
Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams:Skeletons (new)
Frank Froest: The Grell Mystery (new)
Julian Symons: The Belting Inheritance (new)
Israel Zangwill: The Perfect Crime, aka The Big Bow Mystery (new)
Richard Hull: The Murder of My Aunt (new)
Elizabeth George: Deception on His Mind (revisited on audio)
Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (new)
C.J. Sansom: Tombland (new)
Winifred Holtby: South Riding (new)
Wendy Moore: Wedlock (new)
J.K. Rowling: The Casual Vacancy (new)
Ruth Rendell: A Sleeping Life and The Monster in the Box (both new)
Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman: Good Omens (revisited on audio)
Candace Robb: The Apothecary Rose and A Gift of Sanctuary (both new)
Arthur Conan Doyle: The Mystery of Cloomber, Lot No. 249, The Sealed Room, Danger! (all new), The Speckled Band, The Return of Sherlock Holmes, His Last Bow, and Sherlock Holmes: Three Tales of Intrigue (all revisited on audio)
Cary Elwes: As You Wish (new)
Diarmaid MacCulloch: Thomas Cromwell (new)
Ben Schott: Jeeves and the King of Clubs (new)
Hesketh Pearson: Conan Doyle: His Life and Art (new)
Arthur Conan Doyle & Various Contributors: The Essential Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (new)
Ian Fleming: Casino Royale (new)
James Hilton:Was It Murder? (new)
Priscilla Royal:Wine of Violence (new)
Peter Ackroyd:Hawksmoor (new)
Michael Gilbert:Smallbone Deceased (new)
Anthony Rolls:Scarweather (new)
Margery Allingham:The White Cottage Mystery (new)
Various Authors:The Lady Detectives, and The Rivals: Tales of Sherlock Holmes’ Rival Detectives (both new)
Josephine Tey: The Daughter of Time (revisited on audio)
Catherine Louisa Pirkis: The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective (new)
Ann Cleeves: Raven Black and White Nights (both new)
J.B. Priestley: An Inspector Calls (new)
Joseph Conrad: The Heart of Darkness (revisited on audio)
Joanne Harris: Gentlemen and Players (new) and Chocolat (revisited on audio)
J.V. Turner: Below the Clock (new)
Tom Parker Bowles: The Cook Book: Fortnum and Mason (new)
Peter May: The Lewis Man (new)
Edmund Crispin: Glimpses of the Moon (new)
John Dickson Carr:The Hollow Man (revisited on audio) and Death-Watch (new)
Michael Innes:Death at the President’s Lodging (new)
Gladys Mitchell: Murder in the Snow (revisited on audio) and Death Comes at Christmas (new)
E.C.R. Lorac:Murder by Matchlight (new)
Chris Ewan:The Good Thief’s Guide to Paris (new)
Cyril Hare: An English Murder (new)
Lesley Cookman:Murder in Steeple Martin (new)
Mary Kelly:The Christmas Egg (new)
Angela Thirkell:High Rising (new)
Anne Perry: A Christmas Beginning and A Christmas Odyssey (both new)
Emma Thompson & Greg Wise (eds.) & Various Authos: Last  Christmas (new)

Tana French: The Witch Elm (new)

Stephen Fry: Mythos (new)
Madeline Miller: Circe (new)
Plato:Timaeus and Critias (new)

Astrid Lindgren:Die Menschheit hat den Verstand verloren: Tagebücher 1939-1945 (A World Gone Mad: Diaries, 1939-45) (new)

Emmuska Orczy:The Elusive Pimpernel (new)
Sarah Bakewell: At the Existentialist Café (new)

Agatha Christie:Murder on the Orient Express (revisited on audio, twice)
(Note: Yugoslavia at the time of the writing — but the action is set after the train has passed Vinkovci, aka “The Gateway to Croatia”.)

Dolores Redondo:El guardián invisible / The Invisible Guardian (new)
Manuel Vicent:Son de mar / Der Gesang der Wellen (new)
Matthew G. Lewis: The Monk (new)

Andrea Camilleri: The Shape of Water (new)

John Le Carré: A Small Town in Germany and Absolute Friends (both new)

Nina Blazon:Siebengeschichten (new)

Sofi Oksanen:Fegefeuer (The Purge) (new)

Teffi: Memories: From Moscow to the Black Sea (new)
(Note: Counting Russia as European here, not Asian, as the author is from — and this particular book is set in — the country’s European part.)

Katrine Engberg:Krokodilwächter (The Tenant) (new)

The 2019 “Gender Wars” Stats:

Read in 2019:
Books by female authors: 152
– new: 107
– rereads: 45

Books by male authors: 85
– new: 75
– rereads: 10

Books by F & M mixed teams / anthologies: 10
– new: 9
– rereads: 1

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