Boris Zubry

(* 1951)

 : Biographical Sketch

Boris Zubry (born Saint Petersburg, Russia, April, 13, 1951) is an inventor, author of novels, short stories and political satire, a poet and an educator.

In 1968, Zubry entered Leningrad Institute for Military Mechanics, and in 1973, Leningrad Technological Institute for Refrigiration Industry; graduating with a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Zubry immigrated to the United States from the former Soviet Union in 1978. After living and working in the states of Washington, California and Texas, Zubry has resided in Princeton, New Jersey since 1993. Having worked and travelled in a variety of countries over the course of the years, Boris Zubry presently is a lecturer of mathematics at Rutgers University.



  • Chess Master (2000)
Short Story, Poetry & Essay Collections
  • Miles of Experience (2002)
    – Short stories.
  • The Arrogance of Truth (2002)
    – Essays and poetry.
  • Puska: Memoirs of the American Cat (2008)
    – Short stories.
  • People, Children, Faces (2016)
    – Play.
  • You and I (2016)
    – Poetry.