Halloween Bingo Is Back

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And it’s bigger and better than ever!

There are a few game changes that I’ll reveal here, so that everyone can start getting ready!

First, we are bringing back the old AND revealing some new! Because this year, there will be daily bingo calls, and while the cards will still have 25 spaces (with one free space), there are a total of 61, yes SIXTY-ONE, possible spaces, so we will be calling a space each and every day.

There are 9 new spaces, in addition to the 52 recycled spaces. I am going to reveal the 9 new spaces over the next 9 days, with the first one to follow this post, to give ample opportunity for coming up with book ideas.

Once I reveal the 9 new spaces, I’ll give you the full list of spaces – the others will be familiar to you if you’ve played the last 3 years. Some of them have been tweaked a bit, but they are generally spaces we’ve used in the past.

I have also generally divided the possible spaces into 4 focus sub-categories: horror, mystery/suspense, supernatural, and multi-genre.

Because there are so many spaces to work with, it’s going to be too difficult for me to avoid specific spaces. Instead, when you request your card, tell me which sub-categories you want to focus on and I will weight your card from those groupings. If you don’t care, and just want a random selection, tell me that, and I will oblige.

Because I am not letting you opt out of specific spaces this time around, I am introducing a new twist. Also, I just like to introduce new twists.

You might remember that I gave everyone a wild card author last year? Well, we’re not doing that this year. Instead, I am giving everyone three opportunities to use a transfiguration spell:

This way, if you end up with a space or two or even three that just doesn’t work for you, just whip out your metaphorical wand and turn it into something else! No repeat categories, though, obviously. You can transfigure your spaces one at a time, at any time, up to 3 spaces.

That’s all for now.

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