BL-opoly: Dice Roll #20

A Small Town in Germany - Michael Jayston, John le Carré

Having DNF’d Laura Restrepo’s seriously off-putting Hot Sur and then completed Candace Robb’s The Apothecary Rose (which was — bad pun alert — just what the doctor ordered by way of a remedial reading experience), now that we’re past midnight German time I’m allowed to roll again … and hooray, even though I’m risking doing this just before going to bed, it’s a simple and straightforward roll taking me to one square; no more, no less.  Well, that and collecting $5 by passing “GO” on the way.




This roll takes me to square 6: The Stay-Cation — read a book set in your city, state, or country, or that you checked out of your local library, or that has been on you physical bookshelves since last summer.


Well, it turns out I have a book that even fits two of these criteria and it’s also going to help me make at least some marginal progress in my projected Summer of Spies Redux reading: John Le Carré’s A Small Town in Germany is set in my home town, Bonn, and it’s part of an omnibus volume that I actually bought not one but 9 1/2 years ago — it’s the last novel from that omnibus set I have yet to read.  And though in order to make things easier on my wrists I’m going to be listening to the audio version narrated by Michael Jayston, here’s proof that I actually do own the print version as well:



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