MbD: It’s Here!!


Sooo … are we still on for a buddy read, um, exercise in crime solving?


And it’s even in a damned fine condition, given its age … there’s the odd cuff, and the pages are yellowed, as was to be expected (and for once I wouldn’t want them any other way — this is a “historic” crime file after all!), but other than that, not a splot or a scratch or a tear …




… and almost the best part is, the seal over the solution part is unbroken!  Woohoo!


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6 thoughts on “MbD: It’s Here!!

  1. Aoife says:

    Ohhh we have (had?*) two of those as well. Or at least something very similar but I do remember the documents and clues you could take out so I think it was the same series. They were fun.

    *I’m not entirely sure what fell victim to our living room renovation, what ended up in a completely different shelf than it used to be and what is still hiding in a box that has not yet been discovered

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