Kill Your Darlings – Team MbD / Lillelara / TA: Summary of the Team’s Additional Cards & Points Claimed


* Severus Snape as a victim from the red game play. Book read: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. => 10 points
Green Dragon Pub as a crime scene from the yellow game play. Book read: Cocaine Blues. => 10 points

=> 20 extra points



* Val McDermid: The Distant Echo => Suspect: Arthur Conan Doyle (genre: mystery) – Red Round => 10 points

* Agatha Christie: Murder Is Easy => Victim: Atticus Finch (book with a person of strong moral character; author’s last name begins with a letter in “FINCH”) – Yellow Round => 10 points

* J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix  => Victim: Katniss Everdene (genre: YA) – Red Round => 10 points

* J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince => Crime Scene: Pemberley (title contains all letters in “PRIDE”) – Red Round => 10 points

* J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows => Crime Scene: The Dark Tower (genre: fantasy) – Yellow Round => 10 points

* Juli Zeh: Unterleuten => Crime Scene: Watts, L.A. (one of the book’s POV characters wears a blue dress at the village assembly that sets in motion the book’s major course of events) – Yellow Round => 10 points

* Werner Böcking: Von Köln zum Meer => Crime Scene: Orient Express (a book that deals with people traveling) – Red Round => 10 points

* Dennis McCarthy & June Schlueter: “A Brief Discourse of Rebellion & Rebels” by George North => Cause of Death: shot with bow and arrow (title starts with a letter in “BOW” / “ARROW”) – Yellow Round => 10 points

=> 80 extra points


Murder by Death:

On the basis of MbD’s wrap-up post:

Mitch Silver: The Book Worm – Suspect: Stephen King – Yellow Round => 10 points
Alan Bennett: The Uncommon Reader – Victim: Lydia Bennet – Yellow Round => 10 points
Ed Yong: I Contain Multitudes – CS: Green Dragon Pub – Yellow Round => 10 points
Sofie Ryan: The Fast and the Furriest – CS: near a tor, Dartmoor – Green Round => 10 points
Andrea Penrose: Murder on Black Swan Lane – CoD: Run Over by a Carriage – Yellow Round => 10 points
Patricia Wentworth: Miss Silver Comes to Stay – CoD: Arsenical toothpaste – Red Round => 10 points
Janet Evanovitch: Hardcore Twenty-Four – CoD: revolver – Red Round => 10 points
Alan Lightman: Einstein’s Dreams – CS: The Hob, District 12 – Yellow or Green Round => 10 points
Agatha Christie: 4:50 From Paddington – CS: Orient Express – Red Round => 10 points
Maggie Pearson: The House of the Cats – Suspect: Arthur Conan Doyle – Red Round => 10 points
Jodi Taylor: A Symphony of Echos – Victim: Ariadne Oliver – Yellow Round => 10 points
Mark Twain: A Double Barrelled Detective Story – CS: The Dark Tower – Yellow or Red Round => 10 points
Edmund Crispin: The Moving Toyshop – Victim: Dr. John Watson – Green Round => 10 points
Patricia Briggs: Burn Bright – CS: Gryffindor Common Room – Green Round => 10 points
Peter Godfrey-Smith: Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness – CS: Watts, L.A. – Green Round => 10 points
Anne Bishop: Lake Silence – CS. Planet Camazotz – Green Round => 10 points

=> 160 extra points

Total extra points: 260

Divided by number of team members: 86,67 (= rounded: 87 points)


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